Breed: Alaskan Malamute
6.6.1996 - 30.12.2006
Sire: Snowstorm's In Excess Teko
Dam: Lumirinteen Crow

Breeder: Kennel Sua-Unit, Heljä & Martti Mykkänen

Eyes: healthy (11.2.2003 ja 13.1.1999)
Hips: A/A

1 x CAC

Hukka in Finnish Reg'd Dog database

Hukka was our first dog and leader of the pack after us humans. Hukka was a very wise and strong charectered dog.

Even at an older age Hukka was very playful and still liked to play with Nuki when he was a little puppy.

Hukka didn’t work in the sled team for very long because of problems with her back (spondylosis), but Hukka did accomplished the Finnish Malamute Club’s working display.

One of Hukkas favourite things was to spend time in our cottage, because there she got to be unleashed all the time. Hukka also liked swimming and sometimes performed the duties of a swim guard. Hukka had a habit of fetching people out of the water by taking their hand carefully in her mouth and guiding them to shore.

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