Breed: Siberian Husky
28.7.1994 - 8.5.2008
Hopevuoren Pat

Breeder: Kennel Hopevuoren, Joni Elomaa

Sled dog race test: REK1 (excellent) best male in the Siberian Husky Specialty Show 1997

Lefa in Finnish Reg'd Dot database

Lefa was our first Siberian Husky and joined our pack from one trip in the northern Finland from Finn-Jann huskysafarifarm to spend his retirement days in our pack. Even though Lefas moving with us came as a little surprise, we have never regretted of choosing to take him.

In our own team Lefa run two winters and in the spring 2007 Lefa retired from working completely. Lefa was an excellent sled dog. He was a very eager worker and always happy to go.

Lefa was extremely kind and open personality. Lefa came along with everyone. Even though Lefa moved to us as an adult and had spent almost his whole life as a work dog in a safarifarm and at a younger age also as a race dog, he adapted in our pack and as a home dog well.

Lefa was a very sweet dog and when he was unleashed he followed so well I could always keep Lefa unleashed in our yard and walks in the forest.

Lefa was also Nuki's favorite sleeping friend, since we often found Nuki sleeping in the same doghouse as Lefa.

Lefa has 29 offsprings.


Nuki, Lefa & Waho
© Suvi Lahtinen
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