Breed: Siberian husky
Born: 6.12.2009
Sire: Arctic Soul Snow Lynx
Dam: Vauhtitassun Pellemä

Breeder: Kennel Mustankallion, Erkka & Katja Aaltonen

Eyes: healthy (normal eye check + gonioscopy)

Finnish Champion

Sled dog racing test: REK1 (excellent)

Finnish Siberian Husky Specialty show 2013: 4th best male, 2.nd best male of working class

Estonian Siberian Husky Specialty Show 2012: Excellent and fourth best male of open class

Pave in Finnish Reg'd Dog Database

Pave is very social and has a very good temper. Pave is an easy going and happy dog. Besides being a sled dog, Pave has good manners and knows how to behave in restaurants and is a nice dog to travel with.

In the team Pave has speed and he is tough and good worker. Pave is also a lead dog.

Pave has a litter with SM-REK-8-13 Kefeus Dimrost Avathar (2013) and with Arctic Soul Hera (2014).


Tallinn 19.8.2012, Estonian Siberian Husky Specialty Show, breeder/musher-jugde Barbara Stanier:

"Grey & white, foxy masc. head with mischievous expression. Excellent reach of neck. Level topline, which he kept on the move. Very well angulated. Moves soundly coming & going. In good, well muscled condition."




Pave has run in the following sled dog races:


Taivalvaarasprint 7.-8.3.2015, four dog Finnish Championship-class (nordic breed), in lead.

Ohkola winter race 15.2.2015, four dog class, in lead.

Ohkola winter race 14.2.2015, four dog class, in lead.


Kasarin Salpasäpinät 1.2.2015, four dog class, in lead.


Ohkola autumn race 4.10.2014, four dog class. In lead.


Finnish Championship cart race in Jämi 12.-13.10.2013, four dog class. In lead. 


Ohkola autumn race 28.9.2013, four dog class. In lead. 


Ohkola 16.-17.2.2013, six dog class, 2.nd fastest team of Siberian Huskies (in the team of Erkka Aaltonen). 2 x 12 km.


Powerline Sprint & MD 9.-10.2.2013, open class, also in lead (in the team of Erkka Aaltonen). 2 x 24 km.


Kasarin Salpasäpinät 3.2.2013, four dog class, also in lead.


Ohkola 29.-30.9.2012, four dog class. 2 x 4,1 km.


Rautavaara Sprint & MD 2013, Pave in lead with his sister Blondi / © Kaisa Lehto
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Pave in summer coat in summer 2014.